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It’s been some time almost a year but I am finally in a place where the comfort level of discussing worldly issues is necessary.

Current Events: Today, Labor Day – September 7, 2015

As we have all seen in the media’s horrific image of a beautiful angel ‘sleeping in the sand,’ a vivid photograph that will forever be in archives of our time, the thought of it just breaks my heart. This father and his family were seeking refuge and he was determined to do what ever it took to get his treasured loved ones to safety. As a parent (which I am not yet) wouldn’t you do the same for your children? Let’s be real, at the drop of a dime you would protect your family or loved ones at any cost.

Be Empathic to Change the World
Be Empathic to Change the World

The truth behind my story begins here, where migrating and immigration is now more than ever a world discussion for so many innocent lives. In a very similar type of way my parents also migrants (me included), successfully did the same thing for my brother and I, when we migrated from Trinidad to Canada and then eventually to the United States, Stamford, Connecticut to be exact!

Leaving Trinidad at the age of six I only remember very specific things like the house I was born into in Marabella, I dreamt of the time when we could finally go back. I think about my grandparents (rest their souls) having to leave Trinidad and say goodbye I thought we were just taking a trip but as a child I had no idea this would eventually be the most drastic change in my life forever or at least until the age of 32. Like this sweet little baby my brother and I were very young but instead of crossing rough ocean waters we traveled by plane to Toronto’s Pearson International and then by train to Grand Central in New York City.

Guess you can say I’ve come a very long way but the truth is this journey is one that only God and the Universe had control of, and I truly believe that everything that has taken place up to now is for a purpose bigger than I could ever imagine. Looking back on my life and I want to only remember the happy things but honestly writing about My Journey is part of the healing process that I have to Fearlessly conquer.

Different adventures in my life have begun, since my last post Wings to Fly Granted so many changes and challenges have occurred.  I just realized after re-reading this post that my writing manifested great things into my universe. World events have provoked a spark within me that has triggered the flow of creating and expressing my views on a very delicate topic.

Sending my positive vibes and well wishes to all the millions of people migrating daily to get to a safe, happy place, to start living their dreams for themselves and their children. After reading this, I hope you remember that the path you took to get to where you are now is exactly what was supposed to happen for your growth and the divine journey you have to make for your time on this earth. Everything happens for a reason.

Keep going...
Keep going…

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Wings to Fly Granted …

A lot has happened since this last post but this re-blogging to draw a reference to the present time, September 7, 2015.

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It’s September 20, 2014 I am Miami and my Life is completely shifted in ways that I know
Divine intervention has the Power. I’m ready for all the amazing opportunities and adventures to begin. I’m simply writing this brief commentary to make sure that the world knows that my wings have been granted and I can really begin to fly! In every sense of the word my FREEDOM to roam the beautiful world are in the hands of my favorite people in Connecticut. More to come stay tuned … Real Estate, Production Management, Woman in Business. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE YOU JUST HAVE TO WANT IT BAD ENOUGH! 🙂


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Wings to Fly Granted …


It’s September 20, 2014 I am Miami and my Life is completely shifted in ways that I know
Divine intervention has the Power. I’m ready for all the amazing opportunities and adventures to begin. I’m simply writing this brief commentary to make sure that the world knows that my wings have been granted and I can really begin to fly! In every sense of the word my FREEDOM to roam the beautiful world are in the hands of my favorite people in Connecticut. More to come stay tuned … Real Estate, Production Management, Woman in Business. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE YOU JUST HAVE TO WANT IT BAD ENOUGH! 🙂


A Chance for Change

Hope 2014 is off to a great start and the positive life changes you’ve committed to are still going strong!

Knowing from my own experiences how challenging it can be to stick to ‘our OWN success’ plans we must realize how important it is for us to be consistent. This holds true in all area of our lives; whether it be with our families, friends, relationships, career, business, spirituality, or even our health. To get positive outcomes we have to continuously be aware of what is most significant to us and how it brings balance in our lives.

Three Simple Rules in Life

Change can be daunting for anyone because it forces us out of our comfort zones to a place where we have to now re-train our habits from the old and adapt to the new. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that ‘old ways’ are all bad but in some aspects we don’t always realize that ‘old habits will die hard’ and they can keep us stagnant.

Taking control of your life to build the foundations for your future success requires commitment, new habits and new ways of doing things, and most importantly it takes Determination, Resilience, Excitement, Ambition, and Motivation to be able to accomplish the D.R.E.A.M. that has already been orchestrated Divinely for your Life. Sacrifice is sometimes  necessary to be able to achieve greatness but with that we have to embrace and take a chance to change.

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Whatever your 100% Looks Like Give it

Au Revoir It’s Time to Let Go of 2013

As the year comes to an end we all have some degree of reflection on the past 365 days. At any point this year do you remember ever feeling like you wanted to give up on all your efforts because it was just too difficult or emotionally draining to continue?

I can honestly say that I got to these low points a few times by allowing outside circumstances and people take control of my power. We are sometimes very hard on ourselves and for my year end reflection I began to think about the things that were not so positive, goals that I didn’t accomplish, people that I encountered that made me second guess my good nature, and just the thought of ‘what could I have done better’?

Tears, anger, and the ‘why me’ feelings took a lot of out of me this past year for various reasons but more importantly on the flip side I was able recognize my pessimistic thoughts and bounced back a lot quicker by switching my thinking. Gratitude comes to mind when I look back to those moments because I know they were all part of my healing process and letting go of the self destructive mindset.-1

My purpose for writing this blog was to not only encourage myself but most importantly motivate others by sharing my personal views and life circumstances and bringing positive light towards daily occurrences. This particular post is about embracing the difficult and unfavorable moments as well and realizing that from these low points we emerge into feeling, thinking and being a better individuals.

Words of Farewell, it’s time to let go of all the negative feelings and push forward to start the new year off on the right foot. Ready to begin the NEW YEAR with new ways of thinking, new endeavors and another year to try and do things differently. Acceptance of all the good or bad and the passion for learning that your goals are bigger that you! We are not the same person we were on January 1, 2013 we are closer to where we are destined to be on December 31, 2013!

Wishing you a bright 2014, with the love, light and happiness that your heart desires! @shivanie_r #DreamSource


Modern Day Freedom Fighter


Rebel with a Cause, ( is a description I often call myself and am known as among my family and close friends. Today the world’s people said farewell to the Honorable LEGEND, Nelson Mandela. As the Former President of South Africa Mandela was also humanitarian, politician, lawyer, and most importantly a Freedom Fighter. ‘Madiba’ has gone to be with the Angels but the world and generations now and forever will remember his LEGACY along with the sacrifices and contributions he endured for FREEDOM.

For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. ~ Mandela

The inspiration emerged today when I heard this bittersweet news. Remembering his life and the Quiet Dignity he had while also being a Rebel with a Cause. We have to learn from his wisdom and recognize that in order to ultimately be free we have to face the truths that come from deep within. We all have our life’s purpose, passions and visions to change something in our lives or even in the world that could not only help in our own journey but also have the power to INSPIRE others. STRONG LEADERS NEVER GIVE UP and deep within my heart I know that My Freedom Story as it is still being unraveled is part of My Divine Legacy to motivate others.

Listening to Mandela’s story I now consider myself a Modern Day Freedom Fighter of my generation.

With the topic of freedom I dedicate this to the many change makers of my era still fighting for freedom.



The motivation for any Dream Chaser is to one day see their visions become a reality and having the conviction in their heart, mind and spirit to NEVER GIVE UP on that hope. We are all strong in our own ways and with perseverance we are able to dust ourselves off if we stumble off track. The path towards success for a Dreamer is never an easy one. Obstacles, road bumps, even falling down to rock-bottom may be on our unique path but in any pursuit sometimes we have to go around, through, up, down and backwards to acquire ‘that thing’ we are in search of.

Since my last blog post I have gone through so many adjustments in my life.  I can honestly say ONLY NOW I have come to embrace these changes and realize what is most important in my life while also being grateful for the lessons learned along way. YES there are crappy times but they eventually pass with time, the key to getting through them quicker is to just stay positive and trust that whatever is going on must be happening to teach you a lesson. You’re probably thinking to yourself ‘whatever! this girl thinks life is like a box of chocolates!” (pardon the cliche)  … Well it sure has been for me, I never know what I’m going to get! But I’m perfectly OK with that because I know my path has been predestined and now I’m just going with the flow.

We are all Dreamers in some respect, we all have hopes for something, whether it be for a Dream home, family, love or job the list goes on… I can only speak for myself since I know that I have BIG Dreams but like many I have forgotten one very important lesson and that is if I want to accomplish any of them I HAVE TO GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY!!

This personal blog was intended for me to practice my writing but now my purpose has drastically shifted. For many that do not know my story I hope that you stick around for the unveiling which will ONLY happen when I am confident enough and feel that the time is right. I know that in order to move on into the next chapters in my life as the woman God has destined me to become the truth will be the only thing to set me FREE! We all have a Legacy to leave behind, as I am on this journey to discover my passions for life, I hope that you (my readers/followers) will use my simple, very honest experiences to guide you towards discovering where your Destiny begins!

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. ~ Mark Twain